17th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control

 October 30 - November 2,  2020, Nanjing, China


Professor Jin-Song Dong

National University of Singapore, Singapore


      This talk focuses on applying model checking to event planning, goal reasoning, prediction, strategy analysis, and decision making based on the process analysis toolkit (PAT). PAT integrates the expressiveness of state, event, time, and probability-based languages with the power of model checking. PAT currently supports various modeling languages with many application domains and has attracted thousands of registered users from hundreds of organizations. In this talk, we will also present some ongoing research projects, i.e., “Data Analytics in Sports” and “Silas: trusted machine learning” with Dependable Intelligence (

Short Bio:

        Professor Jin-Song Dong is a full professor at the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His research is in the areas of formal methods, safety and security systems, probabilistic reasoning and trusted machine learning. He co-founded PAT verification system which has attracted 4000+ registered users from 1000+ organizations in 150 countries and won 20 Year ICFEM Most Influential System Award in 2018. Jin Song is on the editorial board of ACM Transaction on Software Engineering and Methodology, Formal Aspects of Computing and Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, A NASA Journal. He has successfully supervised 26 PhD students and many of them have become tenured faculty members in the leading universities around the world. He is Fellow of Institute of Engineers Australia. In his spare time, he developed Markov Decision Process (MDP) models for tennis strategy analysis in PAT. Jin Song also plays competitive tennis and enjoys coaching tennis to his 3 kids who all reached #1 Singapore/Australia national junior ranking (his 2nd son Chen played #1 singles for Australia in Junior Davis Cup).